Kindness in Chalk

Park Spanish Immersion School is thrilled to be joining the movement, Kindness In Chalk (Started by an SLP Mom)! On October 15th, PSI will join in this movement to spread kindness by covering the sidewalks and playground at PSI with positive words, phrases, quotes and images that speak of love, peace, hope and acceptance with the intention of bringing smiles to the faces that need it the most during National Bullying Awareness Month. Consider this an open invitation for parents, family members, aunts and uncles, teachers, and friends to make an impactful difference on someone’s day (or week, or year, or life). And, hey, who doesn’t love playing with sidewalk chalk. Note: We will be creating the chalk artwork on Sunday, October 14th for the kids to see on Monday, October 15th!

Please sign up HERE to let us know how many are able to help. Chalk is provided!