Need 3 More Amity Intern Host Families

Hello PSI Families, 
Please consider hosting an Intern this Fall! We are still searching for 3 more Host Families so we can bring 8 Interns to our school next year. 

Amity Interns play a vital role in our classrooms every day helping with small group learning in Math and English (and all of it in their native Spanish language!) They bring culture and fun to our school!

Commitment is the week of August 20 – mid/late January (at the time the new semester starts).

Only requirement is that the Intern must have their own legal bedroom. We know space is at a premium in SLP. Many current and former host families children have been so excited to host that they have shared a room during this time. Chat with your kids and see if they are willing.

Want more info? Check out our FAQ’s here or reach out to a coordinator today for more info!

Don’t miss out on this life changing experience!

Molly Carpenter: (c) 612-226-5850
Heather Fitzpatrick: (c) 612-242-1812
Meta Webb: (c) 612-419-4862
Julie Yakes: (c) 612-210-5196