Meet Daniel Ferrero

My name is Daniel and I was born in Spain, in the city of Valladolid in 1997. I live there with my parents  Isidro and Claudia.  My parents are from a little village named Medina del Campo, which is a town that historically has been the capital of the world because the empire’s merchandise was gathered in the main square.  When I was a child I studied in Medina and after high school I went to the university to study a degree in philosophy and specialize in doing a master’s degree that qualifies me as a teacher. I really like philosophy and soccer, that’s why I am also a soccer coach.  I love all the sports. When I was a child I played soccer, swimming, karate, basketball, tennis… but recently I try american football and baseball.  Also, I like the reggueaton music, read books of philosophy, ride my bike with my family, go to my village to see my family, hanging out with my friends to do many plans with theirs and travel.

I am very excited with my future experience in Minnesota because I want to learn about the culture here, and the native culture. I also want to show my culture since this program offers a unique exchange of knowledge and is an opportunity to grow in all aspects, both as a teacher and as a person.

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