Meet Joaquín Vilas

My name is Joaquín and I was born in A Coruña, a city located in the northwest of Spain in 2000. I´m a sportive person, I like to practice different kind of sports like ski, tennis, football… but my favorite is fencing, which I play since I was 8. My family is made up of my mother, who works in a bank, my father who works in the famous brand Pfizer and my two siblings, one older sister who is living in Germany and my little brother who is 13 years old.

Since we were really young, our parents introduced us into the joy of traveling and living experiences abroad. This is not my first experience living abroad, I spent one year living in Ireland when I was 16 and a few months in Denmark last year. That is the reason why I am taking advantage of this opportunity of learning from a new country, this time as a teacher.  This is my first experience as a teacher after finishing my teaching degree this year, that is the reason why I feel really motivated to apply all the things that I have learned across these years.

I´m looking forward to starting this new experience in PSI, meeting new teachers, students and friends. Moreover, I feel excited about sharing costumes and the culture from my home country at the same time I learn about the life in the USA and fight the cold winter in Minnesota.

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