Thank you Host Families!

We’d like to take a moment to send a HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful Spring Host Families! Thanks to all of you for opening your homes and hearts to this great group of people and for being positive ambassadors for the Amity Intern program. Muchas gracias!!

  • Betsy & Josh Howe – María Carazo, España
  • Emily & Joel Barker – Franklin Díaz, El Salvador
  • Jen & Rich Benson – Daniel Ferrero, España
  • Lisa & Jesse Valley – Pilar Hinojosa – España
  • Angie & Chris Johnson – Chris Martínez, Colombia
  • Laurie Swabey & Andrew Keith – Adrián Simonetti, España
  • Jodi & Eric Lindskog – Joaquin Vilas, España
  • Stacey & Chad Stewart – Lisbeth Villalobos, El Salvador

Is your family interested in hosting next year? Please contact us at!

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