Amity Program

To bring the world into our classes, PSI welcomes Amity Interns from Spanish speaking countries who assist our teachers in the K-5 classrooms. These interns are either pursuing or have recently completed a college degree with an education focus. Interns are between the ages of 21-30 years old, and most have teaching experience and have worked with youth.

Each semester our school depends on families willing and able to host these dedicated interns. Amity interns live with PSI Host Families for one semester allowing both an opportunity for greater language learning and cultural exchange. Interns are supported by volunteer Cousin Families, who walk alongside the interns throughout their entire stay in St. Louis Park.

Hosting is a unique and wonderful experience that can benefit your entire family, plus it’s a great way to give back to the students, teachers and staff of PSI. Please email if you are interested, have questions, or would like to connect with one of our PSI Amity Coordinators, Kyle Wermerskirchen, Megan Patterson, Paige Young or Susan Croom.


Your Amity Coordinator Team,

Amity Coordinators

Email Address


Paige Young 618-593-1802
Susan Croom 612-500-8187
Kelly Marinello 612-965-8076
Kevin Russell 763-355-0019

Karita Bentley

(Middle School)


Carlee Bendickson

(Middle School) 952-258-9488

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