Amity Cousin Family Application

Interested in supporting the Amity program without the full commitment of hosting?  We also need many volunteers to be a Cousin Family.

The Cousin Family is an extension of the Host Family and supports both the intern and their Host Families throughout the intern’s stay. This is most successfully achieved when the Cousin Family takes the initiative to reach out and communicate frequently with both parties. Cousin families will invite the intern to spend time with their family, organize outings, and offer transportation assistance. These efforts allow families to build lasting connections with one another and bring a sense of community to the intern. The more involved the Cousin Family is with the intern the greater the opportunity is for language learning, cultural exchange and lasting relationships for all. If you have questions or concerns, please contact to connect with a PSI Amity Coordinator.

For a more detailed description read the Cousin Family Volunteer Description.

If interested in becoming a Cousin Family, please complete the Cousin Family Application.

The following information will help us match your family with an Amity Intern. Please note that all answers will be kept confidential, and will only be used to match interns with potential Cousin Families. Also note that should we receive an abundance of applicants, preferences will be given to first time Cousin Families.

After completing your application, email to let them know you have applied to be a Cousin Family. An Amity Coordinator will be in touch with next steps.

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