WOW! THANK YOU! $23,000 Raised! 

The PTO silent auction was a huge success!

All thanks to our amazing PSI community who raised over $23,000 to support the Amity Intern Program and other PTO offerings at PSI.  THANK YOU!

Lots of community-building to come as the buy-in events happen throughout the spring.

And a special thank you to the amazing silent auction team that worked so hard to put it all together, Sandy Western, Jana Christian, Sean Keene, Alexis Gibb, Ashley Reina, Vanessa Crosley, Emily Barker, Meg Schauer, Molly Carpenter, Caitlin Lietzau, Viviana Rivas, Erin Rath, Melissa Murray, Stephanie Phan, and Shelby Strauss.

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2022/2023 Budget

The PTO’s planned budget for the 2022/2023 school year is expenses of $72,000 as shown in the pie chart.  The expected income from fundraisers is expected to be $54,000.  Expenses are expected to exceed fundraising by $17,000.