Transportation Procedures

School Bus

Please call the Bus Company with ALL bus related questions at 952-591-1538.

Children should arrive to their bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  They should respect the property around the bus stop while waiting for the bus.  Generally, students may bring items for school use that will fit in their backpack on the bus.  An exception is musical instruments, which may be brought to school for band or orchestra. 

For safety reasons, please be sure that your child gets on and off the bus at the assigned stop.  If your child is going to another student’s home after school, arrangements should be made in advance, and a note given to the teacher from parents is required.  The teacher will write out a bus pass for that child, allowing a ride on a different bus and/or getting off at a different stop.

Calls to the school office changing your child’s normal daily dismissal routine
should be made by 2:00 p.m. (when possible) and ONLY in the event of an emergency.

Instruction regarding school bus safety will be conducted by classroom at the beginning of each school year.  Following the instruction, students will take a bus safety quiz.  Please review the school bus safety handout with your child when they arrive home.  Your child’s safety is of prime concern!

Parents are mailed postcards in August with
your child’s bus stop location, route number and time schedule.