Meet Nicole

Nicole AguilarMy name is Nicole Aguilar and I’m 23 years old and from El Salvador. I was born in the department of San Salvador, but I grew up in a neighborhood called Reparto España which is located in the department of La Libertad. I currently still live there. It is very quiet and I enjoy it.

There are a lot of trees and flowers in everyone’s yards and I like the fact that we’re close to the beach. I live with my parents. My mom’s name is Gloria and she is an internal auditor and my dad’s name is Erick and he is a sales executive. I am an only child.

This is my first formal job because my parents gave me the opportunity to dedicate myself 100% to my university studies. However, in 2016 I volunteered as an English teacher for children from 5 to 14 years old in a project carried out by the mayor’s office and the church where I live. In addition, I have had the opportunity to participate as a teacher in the program called “English for a better future” sponsored by the Ministry of Education of my country and the U.S. Embassy. The career I am currently studying is a degree in applied linguistics with a specialization in English.

With this new experience I am sure that I will have the opportunity to share all my knowledge about the culture of El Salvador and get to know the lifestyle of the PSI community, as well as share with all the elementary school students. Besides that, I would like you to know about my favorite hobbies which are listening to music, dancing, reading romantic and horror books, watching TV series, movies, playing volleyball, exercising. Lately an interesting fact is that I have wanted to start learning how to cook. In summary, I thank the PSI school for this opportunity to share and learn with you both cultures, I know I will enjoy it very much.

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