Meet Victor

Victor MartinezMy name is Victor Martinez. I was born in Spain, in the city of Soria in 2001. I live there with my parents Luis and Paz, and my sister Blanca, who is 26 years old. My parents are from Soria too. I studied at a university in Segovia and finished my degree. I studied to be a physical education teacher. I have not worked in a school until now because I finished my degree last year. Interestingly though, for the past two summers, I worked as a postman.

I love all the sports. When I was a child I played soccer, swimming, and volleyball. Most recently I was a soccer player, playing as goalkeeper. Also, I like to ride my bike with my family, go to my village to see my friends, hang out with my friends and travel. I am very excited about my future experiences in Minnesota because I want to teach the customs of my country, my language and the things that I learned in the university. Also I want to know about life in the USA, learn about the education system, travel around the country and improve my English.

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